Graphic Design

Some of the graphic design work that I've done for print and digital projects can be seen below. The basic elements of design translate well to all mediums including interactivity.


"Life and Art of Keith Haring"- 22" x 34" Poster - 2009

Art Center College of Design has one of the last murals that legendary American artist Keith Haring created before his death in 1990. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the completion of the mural, the school hosted a tribute to the artist & his work on November 30, 2009.

The poster was designed for the event and includes not only designs from the mural (the large red dinosaur king & ankle chain), but also contains a message on the current state of the HIV/AIDS Health Crisis in respect of Keith Haring's activism against the disease.

The "Keith Haring Foundation" wrote an article on the event which can be read here.


"Paper Balloons" Concept Futures- 8" x 6" Booklet - 2009

While working on the "Paper Balloons" iPhone App, numerous feature ideas came up & were sketched out.

Towards the end of the first year of development, these ideas were compiled into a small booklet. The booklet was fantastic for showing the ideas to thesis committees, as well as possible investors and to document all of the directions that the App could head into.

Some of the ideas in the booklet were implemented into the "Paper Balloons" App (like changing weather) while others were saved away for future iterations of development.


Frutiger Sketches - 4" x 4" Sudies - 2008

These are a few design studies using the Frutiger font in various ways. The text is a fairly standard body of copy to use in graphic design treatments. I was fortunate to have the established typographer and designer Chesley Nassaney as a Typography instructor.


"Bodoni" - 22" x 34" Poster - 2008

This poster gives a brief history (& a bit of editorializing) of the Bodoni font. A combination of Illustrator and Photoshop was used to obtain the hand drawn feel. The poster was selected for display in Art Center’s Student Gallery for their semester-end grad show.


"You Are Playing a Game"- 17" x 11" Article Spread - 2008

Early in January 2008, the media theorist & level designer Tynan Sylvester wrote a Feature article on Gamasutra titled “Compulsion Engineers” where he discussed how video games tap into humanity’s innate compulsions for living. In response to the article I
designed an 11 page spread which included Mr. Sylvester’s original article (outside of the black shapes) and my response to it (inside of the black shapes).


"Bat Brunch"- Digital Work - 2007

Kannada is the official language of the southern Indian state of Karnataka; spoken by roughly 38 million people. The alphabet has such a wonderful, whimsical feel to it that I did a few works that included the characters in various ways.


"Saturday Nights @ Guy's" - E-mail flyer - 2006

This is a digital flyer sent out in e-mails to promote DJ events in Los Angeles.


"Pac Man 05" - Digital Work - 2005

This is a teaser poster for a speculative New York release of a new Pac Man game.





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