Interaction Design

I work to create rich, meaningful experiences through interactive projects. In my practice I explore the ways that these projects can influence culture, as well as affect how users view themselves and the world around them.


Nexon.net Game Carousel - Web Site - 2011

Nexon America (NxA) needed a way for new users to quickly browse its growing catalogue of games. This was one of the first interaction design projects I did for NxA, creating wireframes and user scenarios for possible methods of users to skim through Nexon's assorted PC-client social games catalogue.

The design was iterated on for a few months before finally settling on the implemented experience seen here.


Oracle Info System - Oracle Multi-Touch Table - 2008

In the summer of 2008, I did a study on players of the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft. To sort through all of the layered findings from the study, he put together an information system using the Acura Oracle multi-touch table, NET Lab widgets by Phil Van Allen, and Actionscript coding.

Using the metaphor of going deeper, the Oracle Information System allowed the user to "pull back" layers of information, viewing how the data overlapped and formed the final outcome that it did. Ironically, the information system ended up being more interesting than the actual study that it represented.


StudioMe - Flash-based Online Community - 2008

The StudioMe Network is a concept for a social network and online game aimed at middle school and junior high students in which the users can create short animated movies online and share them with one another. The animations would use premade characters, backgrounds, gestures, and other animations which the user could trade with their friends or purchase more of with in-game currency earned from creating popular films. The films would be categorized into various genres which the user could navigate through in a virtual 3D space.


Center of the Universe - Interactive Installation- 2008

Center of the Universe is an interactive installation using a projector, webcam, and coding in Actionscript. I created this project to look at introspective gestures and interactivity. On the ground the participant can see small, white orbs floating around. As the participant moves through the space, the orbs will change into words as they near the person. The words will spell out different themed poems depending on where the participant is in the space. The themes include love, stillness, hatred, and loneliness.

The floating orbs also react to the participant's gravitational pull, altering their paths slightly to move closer to the person. After changing into a word, it's possible to "capture" specific words if the participant plans their movements just right to alter an orb's velocity and trajectory.


Whisper Stones - Interactive Installation - 2009

Whisper Stones is a design experiment and part of the graduate thesis, Empathetic Play. Whereas Paper Balloons is an entirely virtual, high-tech exploration of 'Empathetic Play', Whisper Stones is a completely tangible, very low-tech exploration of the same idea.

The original idea for the installation was inspired by Carl Jung's writing on dream symbolism and people's universal attraction to certain objects as metaphors (stones representing people, strength, comfort, etc). After a couple of design tests, it quickly became apparent that the same idea behind Paper Balloons could be explored through the Whisper Stones.

The interactive installation was set up in public parks around Pasadena in late 2009. A large stone sat on top of a plinth. Users were instructed to lift the stone and hide a whisper beneath it, capturing the whisper for another user to release. Once another user picked the stone back up, the previous whisper would be played back once and released forever.





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