Paper Balloons - iPhone App - 2009

Paper Balloons was a design experiment and part of the graduate thesis, Empathetic Play. I collaborated with a programmer while making all design decisions, prototyping, artwork, and animation myself.

The world of Paper Balloons is one of quiet fantasy and inward thought, where users have their own floating island in the sky on which to meditate. From time-to-time small, candle-lit, paper balloons will float down onto their island with notes inside from other people on other islands, somewhere out in the sky. These notes can contain writing or drawings about others' worries, hopes, fears, or thoughts on the world and their own lives. Sometimes these notes are funny & uplifting, sometimes they are remorseful & sobering. They are always meant to be introspective.

Paper Balloons won the "Innovation" award at the 2009 iDMAa Conference and was a Finalist in the 2010 SXSW Casual Game Design Competition.

It is available for download on the iTunes Store.


D&D: Heroes of Neverwinter - Facebook game - 2011

Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of Neverwinter was the first D&D venture into the social space. The game takes place in the infamous city of Neverwinter where players can create their own custom heroes, complete hundreds of premade quests or go through player-made dungeons.

I designed and created all UI screens and elements in the game, along with numerous game assets (icons, equipment, enemies, etc).


The Grinns' Tale - Facebook game - 2012

The Grinns' Tale was Nexon America's first internally developed social game. It's set in an eclectic steampunk world inhabited by the simultaneously cute and creepy Grinns. I came on early in development to wireframe the UI and work out some of the information architecture of the game.

Throughout development I worked with both the User Experience Design group and Grinns Tale development team to facilitate user testing sessions and provide feedback on gameplay, layouts, and art styles.


Pelago Shooter - Flash game - 2006

The world of Pelago is one of floating islands in the sky with large airships and other fantastic flying machines. Pelago shooter game is a 2D side-scrolling Flash game where the player pilots a small airplane in an endless dogfight with other fanciful ships. Everything from the artwork, animation, sound fx, music, and coding was done by myself.


Nexon.net Game Carousel - Web Site - 2011

Nexon America (NxA) needed a way for new users to quickly browse its growing catalogue of games. This was one of the first interaction design projects I did for NxA, creating wireframes and user scenarios for possible methods of users to skim through Nexon's assorted PC-client social games catalogue.

The design was iterated on for a few months before finally settling on the implemented experience seen here.


Hero Mix - Xbox 360 game (unreleased) - 2010

An experimental music game by 7 Studios, I was brought on to the never released title (tentatively called Hero Mix) to help with the UI design and implementation. While working with the UI Lead, I designed multiple screens and popups, as well as created UI animations and assets.


"Life and Art of Keith Haring"- Poster - 2009

Art Center College of Design has one of the last murals that legendary American artist Keith Haring created before his death in 1990. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the completion of the mural, the school hosted a tribute to the artist & his work on November 30, 2009.

The poster was designed for the event and includes not only designs from the mural (the large red dinosaur king & ankle chain), but also contains a message on the current state of the HIV/AIDS Health Crisis in respect of Keith Haring's activism against the disease.

The "Keith Haring Foundation" wrote an article on the event which can be read here.





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